For You & The Planet

Our goal is to provide high quality products that are healthy for you and the planet. Through biodegradable products and our efforts to plant One Tree for every order we place, we hope to walk a happy and comfortable menstruation journey with all women towards a better future. 

Our Promise

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Hannahpads will last you years before you can throw them into the compost bin! The cotton then biodegrade and become one with nature once again. You decrease your environmental footprint and can feel good about it every month.


With hannahpads, you are safe from unwanted toxic chemicals because Hannahpads are made from unbleached and non-dyed organic cotton

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Did you know that the average woman spends $4000 on menstrual products in her lifetime? With Hannahpads lasting up to 4 years, you end up saving thousands of dollars!

What we're saying

What we're hearing

Overnight Comfort

"Love these! Best sleep I have ever had during a period, they aren't itchy like disposables, they don't shift as you roll over in your sleep so no unpleasant surprise leaks in the morning. Best thing is that these and all other hannahpads are great for the environment! Just by purchasing these over night hannahpads (and others) I figured that I am helping to keep over 10,000 plastic tampon and pad disposables out of landfills."

Peace of Mind

"I took a long time to decide to try the hannahpads and ordered the starter pack. I am glad I did as now I know which sizes I would prefer. As a paramedic I always have to be proactive at that time of the month as any heavy lift can cause things to start and I have no time until we get to a hospital etc to deal with the issue. I used to dread wearing a regular pad 'just in case' as it was so irritating. This is where to cloth pads solve all problems as I don't even feel that it is there yet I am fully protected. Care is easy and the concern I had about smell was unfounded. I would definitely recommend them!"

Best Postpartum

"I ordered this set in prevision of post-partum fun. I did not want to wear disposable pads for more than the first few days, as they get irritating. I am glad I did. This is my 4th baby, and by far the most comfortable post partum. They wash easily, and it's not too much work. I do wish I had more though. Even just one more medium would have been nice. Might have to get more!"