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6 Influencers Share Their Love for Cloth Period Pads

Illustration of woman dancing in heels

For as long as women have been menstruating, it has also been a taboo subject to speak about. The following 6 women are changing the stigma when it comes to their menstruation cycles—especially when it comes to sustainable period products. Reusable cloth period pads oftentimes get a bad rap in comparison to their disposable counterparts. Why? Because no one is talking about it!

Not being afraid to openly talk about menstruation and sustainable period products only continue to perpetuate the stigma surrounding them and  other ‘down there’ problems. So, let’s chat! Keep reading to find out what these influencers have to say about hannahpad’s cloth period pad.

Elle Lindquist (@elle.lindquist

Influencer Elle Lindquist holding up a hannahpad

“With so much talk about single-use plastic, I did some research and it takes about 500 to 800 years for sanitary pads to decompose! These hannahpad beauties? Just 12 months! Plus they’re adorable, plus they’re affordable, plus they’re ethically made, PLUS the snaps on the wings are recyclable! I’ve legit fallen in love!”

You read that right, folks! You don’t need to worry about excess waste when you choose hannahpad for your reusable cloth period pads. Once your hannahpad has reached the end of its life, all you have to do is compost it once you’ve removed the silicone grips on our smaller pad sizes. And just pop off the plastic snaps and toss them in your recycling too!

Cam Lee (@camleeyoga

A pregnant Cam Lee kneeling on a yoga mat next to her hannahpads

“Pregnancy pro: I won’t be getting my period for the next couple of months! Pregnancy con: even though I probably won’t get my period after I give birth, I will need to use pads. In anticipation, I was excited to find hannahpad for all my post-partum needs.”

A fun fact you might not have known; hannahpads are for more than just your period! When you choose our reusable cloth pads, you’re covered for every part of your menstruation cycle. Most disposable menstrual products are made from harmful chemicals. After giving birth, your body has already been through enough without being subjected to them.

Check out hannahpad’s collection of  Super Ultra Overnight cloth pads for the ultimate protection during your post-partum journey.  

Bianca Venerayan (@biancavenerayan)

Bianca Venerayan posing in the nude surrounded by flowers

“Because I already had previous experience touching my own period blood through using a menstrual cup, I had no problems keeping and washing my used hannahpads. Plus, placing and removing a menstrual cup is a hellish experience most of the time; it’s a nice to have to only worry about mess and blood at a designated laundry time, instead of when you’re out and about and your cup spilleth over.”

While menstrual cups have recently become extremely popular, they’re definitely not for everyone! If you’re looking for an easy alternative that is still environmentally friendly, hannahpads are a great option for you. It’s expected that the average person will throw out over 10,000 tampons in their lifetime, which makes hannahpad a  zero-waste bathroom essential.

Alyssa Garrison (@randomactsofpastel

Close up of Alyssa Garrison holding her baby and a stack of hannahpads

“I was recently introduced to hannahpads, a low-packaging, non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to throw-away menstrual products. These washable pads come in fun prints, last 2 to 5 years, and can be composted when you’re ready to retire them. It’s a choice I can feel proud of teaching my daughter about one day!”

One of the biggest aspects of hannahpads that makes us different from other sustainable period brands is our unique design! Not only can you feel good about helping the environment by lowering your waste output, feel good while wearing our cloth period pads. In addition to a variety of cute patterns available, we use a special waterproof coating to allow for better airflow without compromising their protection against leaks.

Brittany Smyth-Jones (@flow.days)

Woman posing in the winter snow with a folded hannahpad

“Could your menstrual products be harming you? Mainstream menstrual products can have a number of harmful chemicals in them… I made the switch a few years ago to organic tampons and reusable pads (not just for me, but for the planet) and I’ve never looked back… I like HannahPad the best – they are completely biodegradable and recyclable as well.”

Typical disposable period products contain a variety of irritating chemicals and additives that interfere with our bodies’ natural processes. Hannahpads are made from unbleached and non-dyed organic cotton, protecting you from these unnecessary and unwanted chemicals!

Lindsay Tompkins (@_lindsaytompkins)

Photo collage of Lindsay Tompkins with hannahpad products

“This past week I had my period, and using these were simple, easy and clean up was no problem! (Ladies, there’s little difference between rolling it up and tossing it or rinsing it in the sink and then washing it)⁣⁣.”

A common misconception about cloth period pads is that they are messy. This is completely untrue! Hannahpads snap securely in place around your underwear with their clasps made from recycled plastics. Additionally, they are manufactured with grips to ensure there is no slippage when you’re moving and grooving! 


Have these ladies convinced you  why hannahpads are the reusable menstrual products you should give a try?  Click here to check out our wide selection of cloth period pads that come in a variety of styles and patterns.

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