Cartoon woman jumping rope without fear of period leaks

Goodbye Period Leaks: 8 Activities Safe for Reusable Pads

Cartoon woman jumping rope without fear of period leaks


8 Activities Safe for Reusable Pads

We all know by now that there are incredible benefits of exercising on your period, but when it comes to leakage protection are reusable menstrual pads up to the job? The short answer: Yes.

Just like disposable pads, your reusable pad may leak if you wear it for too long. Part of not having to worry about period leaks is knowing your flow and how long you can go before having to change your pad. So, what kinds of physical activity are reusable pads good for? Let’s find out.


Learn to love your flow (both menstrual and in yoga), knowing you’re protected from embarrassing period leaks. We know that you’ll be as happy as a “happy baby” while using your reusable menstrual pad.


Staying active on your period doesn’t have to be an immovable mountain you can’t overcome. Our pads’ non-slip silicone backing will ensure your reusable pad stays right in place even on the rockiest of terrains.


When your reusable pad is designed with allergic reaction minimizing plastic snaps to hold it in place, you’ll feel even more comfortable on your long bike rides, even if your bike seat isn’t.


We’ve all experienced icky moisture while doing any kind of physical activity on our period. Our pads’ inside coating is designed using a high-quality TPU lining that helps ensure you’ll experience a leak-proof and breathable cardio session.

Playing Sports

From Thongliners to Longliners, there’s a pad size for every person’s needs. Whether you’re playing volleyball or lacing up your skates, there’s no need to take one for the team on your period!


Moving and grooving can not only do wonders for your physical health but your mental health too! From your favourite Zumba class to pirouettes in ballet class, your reusable menstrual pad will protect you from period leaks.

Household Chores

Even if you’re not hitting up the gym, cleaning your kitchen or your bathroom can still work up a sweat! Our unbleached and undyed organic cotton reusable pads are just as environmentally conscious as your favourite eco-friendly cleaning products.

Yard Work

Get your hands dirty in the garden without making a mess—in your pants that is. Reusable cloth pads are perfect to protect you against period leaks for even the most physically demanding outdoor work.


There are no limitations to what you can do while you’re on your period! We’re here to help you feel comfortable and confident even on your heaviest of flow days. Check out our wide selection of reusable cloth menstrual pads so that you can get moving on your next period.


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