Illustration of a woman cheering in a dress

Why hannahpads Are the Best Cloth Pads

Illustration of a woman cheering in a dress

Making the switch to reusable pads and want to find out which sustainable period brand makes the best cloth pads? As the number one reusable menstruation pad in Korea, we are setting our sights on improving women’s experience during their menstrual cycle on a global scale. Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality products that are good for you as well as the planet.

Walk the menstruation journey with us and keep reading to find out exactly why hannahpad is the best cloth pad for you! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

100% Organic Cotton Lining 

You’re most likely looking into the best cloth pads available because you’re concerned about the environment. We are too. But reducing the amount of waste we accumulate is not enough. Our standards are a lot higher than other sustainable period brands out there. 

We’re Control Union certified. This means our products contain 100% organic cotton. That’s why you may notice black dots on the pad if you look closely enough. They’re actually seeds! When using 100% organic cotton materials, it’s natural that some cotton seeds will end up in the fabric. Additionally, the cotton fabric that makes up the lining is absolutely unbleached, undyed, and chemical-free, making them completely safe for your use. The outer most layer is printed natural cotton.

Not only are you looking out for the environment when you choose hannahpad, but you’re also looking out for your own health. In the U.S. alone, approximately 19 billion disposable pads and tampons are discarded every single year. So A+ for making a responsible decision with hannahpad!

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Unique Reusable Pad Design 

We wouldn’t be the best cloth pads if we hadn’t spent years perfecting hannahpad’s design and quality. From the materials we use to the finest double-need stitched edges, we’ve perfected the art of making reusable menstrual pads.

Most reusable menstrual pad brands use the conventional Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) layer. Typically, PUL fabrics have a plastic coating which makes them leak-proof. This means that rather than the menstrual blood leaking straight through the reusable pad, it will spread out within the pad instead. 

However, there is no PUL layer in the hannahpad design. As the best cloth pads, we use a special waterproof coating on the inner side of the patterned layer. Why? To let air flow through more freely while still doing its job to resist any moisture bleeding through (pun intended). Therefore, it’s breathable while still leak-proof.

To top it all off, we use high-quality snaps made from recyclable plastic. Why do we use plastic snaps when we’ve gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of plastic in our design? It’s to minimize the chances of allergic reactions as well as the potential of rusting with metal snaps. And once your hannahpad has worn out, you can recycle them!

Our unique reusable pad design makes hannahpad the perfect addition to your zero waste kit.

The Perfect Package 

Boring menstrual pad? Haven’t heard of her.

Periods are far from mundane so why should your reusable pad be? You won’t find any ordinary colour blocks or boring shades of white with us! At hannahpad, we offer a wide variety of the most adorable patterns for you to choose from—our current obsession is the Classy Cat pattern.

The best part is that our selection is constantly being updated so there will always be more options for you to choose from in the future! Choose your favourite hannahpad design and feel like a powerful and composed woman even on your worst cramping days. And once folded, no one will know that it’s a cloth pad!

Check out what patterns we currently have in stock here.

Close up of the medium-sized hannahpad in the Classy Cat pattern


Environmentally Focused 

Did you know that every single year between 46 and 58 thousand square miles of forest are lost? That’s nearly 36 football fields every single minute! When you choose hannahpad as your reusable period pad provider, each order counts. Most disposable pads include pulp derived from trees in their manufacturing. However, as you know, hannahpads are made from organic cotton materials. This is our way of protecting the environment; we plant one tree for every order that’s placed with us. 

Unlike disposable pads that can take up to 800 years to decompose, hannahpads only take 12 months to degrade. And that’s not just the organic cotton! Instead of using PUL fabric, hannahpads use TPU fabric as an added waterproofing layer. Our TPU coating is completely degradable, only taking 3 to 5 years to decompose! That means after you remove the silicone grips on our smaller reusable pad sizes, you can just toss your hannahpad’s snaps into the recycling bin and compost the rest. 

The Best Cloth Pads Available 

It’s no secret that hannahpads aren’t just any old reusable menstrual pads—we’re the best cloth pads out there.

We currently have 8 different types available: Thongliner, Longliner, Pantyliner, Small, Medium, Overnight, Ultra Overnight, and Super Ultra Overnight. Each customer’s needs are different and with 8 sizes to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find the right hannahpad for you. Check out our wide selection of cute and comfy cloth pads to find the right fit for you. Join the sustainable menstrual movement and #HandMeAHannah.

Still not convinced? Find out why reusables are the way to go! Otherwise, let us know why you made the switch to hannahpads in the comments below!

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