Illustration of a woman walking with a messenger bag in her hand

hannahpads & You: When You Are Out and About

Illustration of a woman walking with a messenger bag in her hand

Another time to answer one of the questions that comes up most frequently.

"How do I change the pad if I'm out and about and have to use a public washroom?" 

And coming from this question, many think that they don't want to be carrying around a smelly & bloody pad inside their purse. 

"That is a crazy idea!" "Are you mad?"
 disposable pads

Yes, disposable pads are convenient in a way that you can just roll up the used pad, throw it away in garbage, put on a new pad, and you're good to go. No used pads inside your purse. But, have you thought of all the waste you're creating from it? Imagine the piles and piles of used pads and its packaging! 

And what happens if you thought you had some pads in your office drawer or in your bag only to realize there's none! 

With hannahpads, it's a totally different story.

1. Easy to carry around. Put hannahpads inside a pouch like ours and you're good to go! 

 disposable cotton pads

 2. No pouch? No problem! The pads themselves are pretty enough that no one will even think that it's pads! Fold it up and carry in your hand. It's still all good. No more 'discreet' actions trying to hide a disposable pad inside your pocket or within your hands.

disposable menstrual pads

 3. When changing a hannahpad inside a public washroom, it's very simple! Fold the used pad, put it in a ziplock bag (or wet bag), take out a new pad from pouch, and voila, you're done! There is absolutely no stinky smell or blood leaking inside your bag. Yes, all period blood smells. But it should smell only like any other blood from your body. All that stinky smell, that's coming from the blood reacting with the chemicals in the disposable pads. Also, no sounds taking off the disposable pad from your underwear (the worst!), no unwrapping plastic sounds, no waste!  

carrying used pads

*Please note that we have now discontinued the pink zip bags. You can always use a small wet bag instead. They are very good at keeping the smell in and are mostly waterproofed to prevent leaks. The folded used hannahpads also rarely leak too, since the fabric has absorbed most of the liquid form. 

4. Once you get home, simply wash with cold water, lather some natural soap on it and leave it to soak in cold water for a few hours (min. 6 hours recommended) and then either hand wash it out or pop it in the washing machine with your regular load (cold water cycle), and you're done :) 

*For complete washing instructions, you can visit here. For another blog post about washing hannahpads, you can read it here. :D

Not as bad as you think, right?

So now it's time to get your first hannahpads! 

Healthy You, Happy Planet🌿
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