Cartoon woman in labour sitting on a birthing ball

Hospital Bag for Mom: Essential Items for Labour

Cartoon woman in labour sitting on a birthing ball

Lightweight Clothing

Maternity wards are known for being a little on the toasty side as babies lose heat very quickly after they’re first born. Pack loose and lightweight clothes and sleepwear to ensure that you stay comfortable during labour.

Robe or Sweater

Despite the maternity ward’s warmer temperature, it may be a good idea to bring a couple of layers with you in case you get cold. A warm robe or sweater you don’t mind getting dirty will do the trick!

Non-Slip Socks or Slippers

Walking is a great way to help your pelvis move more freely during labour, using gravity to help your baby move down. Keep your feet warm with non-slip socks or slippers that will help ensure you stay safe.

Cotton Sanitary Pads

Using disposable pads for postpartum bleeding can be uncomfortable and cause irritation. That’s why our reusable Super Ultra Overnight Pads are made from organic cotton and perfect for your postpartum needs.

Maternity Bras

Pack a couple of maternity bras without an underwire in your hospital bag for labour. You’ll appreciate the added support as your breasts are their heaviest when you’re pregnant and nursing.

Organic Nursing Pads

Whether or not you’re planning to nurse, avoid potential breast milk leaks and clothing stains by including nursing pads in your labour bag. For the best, choose organic cotton pads that don’t require harsh chemical processing.

Pillows & a Bath Towel

Hospital pillows and towels tend to be thin, scratchy, and too small. You’ll probably be glad that you’ve brought your own comfortable pillow from home and a towel for your first post-delivery shower.

Maternity Underwear

While hospitals provide you with disposable mesh underwear after you’ve given birth, you may want to consider bringing your own. A few pairs of maternity underwear you don’t mind getting ruined are perfect. There are low-rise options if you’re having a c-section.

Creating Your Own Checklist

Aside from these necessary items, you can pack anything from calming essential oils to your favourite movies to keep you distracted. When you decide to pack your hospital bag and what you include in it is completely up to you!


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