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The Benefits of Exercising on Your Period

Cartoon woman riding a bicycle

There are a lot of reasons why people might decide to skip their workouts when their period comes. But there are plenty of benefits as to why you should try to stay active during this time of the month. What are they? Let’s find out!

Boost Your Mood

Plenty of studies have examined the link between the positive effects of physical exercise and mental health. Some folks with uteruses may experience baffling feelings of depression during their periods. If this is you, exercise can give you a natural endorphin high, elevating your mood.

Combat PMS Symptoms

Whether you experience severe PMS prior to the start of your period or not, getting your body moving can help relieve these symptoms. Help ease bloating, food cravings, mood swings, troubles concentrating, and more with some of your favourite aerobic exercises.

Beat Period Fatigue

Sometimes exercising on our period is the last thing we want to do. While you may feel low on energy and ready to curl up on the couch rather than hitting the gym, moving your body and increasing your blood circulation can actually give you an energy boost so you feel like yourself again!

Ease Painful Cramps

Everything in our bodies is connected. Your stress levels impact your mood, which can then impact your perception of pain, leading to painful menstrual cramps. Exercising is proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in addition to getting your blood flowing—all beneficial when relieving cramps.

Regulate Your Period

Did you know that exercise and physical activity can get your period back on track? If you have irregular periods, try being active a couple of days before you’re expecting your flow. Supplementing this lifestyle change with a healthy diet that includes foods that act as emmenagogues, can help as well!

Feel Empowered

There’s nothing better than feeling like the strong and capable individual that you know you are, especially when on your period. Include exercise in your daily routine to feel like a more healthy and confident you.

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