Choosing the
Right Size


sizing hannahpad

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**Disclaimer : There can be +/- 0.1oz (2-3g) differences for weight and +/-  0.1fl. oz. (1-5ml) differences for absorbency.



antique indigo

Antique Indigo

classy cat

Classy Cat

edelweiss blue

Edelweiss Blue

flower garden pink

Flower Garden Pink

garden kitten

Garden Kitten

hannah girl grey

Hannah Girl Grey

hannah girl pink

Hannah Girl Pink



propose pink

Propose Pink



solid pink

Solid Pink

sproutling grey

Sproutling Grey

morning glory purple

Morning Glory Purple

carnation black

Carnation Black

A Simple Tip on Choosing Patterns

When choosing patterns for sets, choose a different pattern per size! It will be easier for you to find the wanted pad size :) 
If you want more than the 3-4 patterns, group the sizes by either colour range (ex. the pinks / the blues etc.) or by pattern pairs (ex. Small = Animal patterns, Medium = Flower Patterns.. etc.)

How & What to Choose

Think about your Flow

For heavier days, you can use Medium during the day and Overnight or Ultra Overnight during the night. And for lighter days, you can use Small during the day and Medium during the night. Pantyliner is good for those with regular discharge. Number of pads used is about the same with disposables or sometimes less. With disposables, you usually have to change them because of the smell or them being uncomfortable even when the pad is not full. However, with hannahpads, there is no odor and feels just like wearing your underwear, so there may be times when you don’t have to change as much as disposables. Please keep in mind that everyone is different though. Your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point.

Test it out First

In terms of purchase schedule, most customers purchase our multiples or sets and then make additional purchase of what they need more after trying out hannahpads for 1-2 cycles. Depending on your flow level during the night, you should purchase Overnight or Ultra Overnight enough for 2 nights. Medium is used the most whether your flow is light or heavy.

Comparing with Disposables

For instance, if you use 3 medium sized disposable pads per day, you would need about 5 Medium hannahpadsto wash & use throughout your cycle. About 2~4 Small hannahpads are good to use during the first or last day of the cycle during light flow, and if you use pantyliners at other times than your cycle, about 5 of them will be enough to start with. Please keep in mind that all of the above numbers vary depending on your washing routine. 

How to Use

So you've purchased your hannahpads and now are ready to see them in action. How to do that? There are no sticky backs and the top and bottom look difference. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

choosing the right size

Place your hannahpad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down.

choosing the right size

Fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and fasten using the snaps.

We recommend you wear snug fitting underwear to help hannahpad stay close to your body. Unlike a disposable pad where the pad completely sticks to your underwear, hannahpad is like another cotton layer to your underwear. So, you may have to readjust throughout the day to your comfort fit. But don’t worry! No need to take off the whole thing and re’stick’. You only need to pull it forward or backward.

Hannahpad Facts

Certified Organic Cotton

All of hannahpad cloth pads have organic cotton layer on the inside where it touches your skin. No contact with residue of harmful chemicals or pesticides. The organic cotton is certified by Control Union(CU 834958).

High Quality Snaps

The snaps for hannahpads are high quality plastic. Unlike some metal snaps out in the market, these plastic snaps minimizes the chances of allergic reaction. The snaps are 100% Recyclable too!

Various Sizes & Patterns

hannahpad comes in 6 different sizes, from the lightest Pantyliner to the largest Super Ultra Overnight pads, which is over 16" long! And our patterns are not the ordinary color blocks or plain ivory. There are 12 beautiful patterns to choose to your taste! And the patterns are continuously updated, so more selections are available in the future.

Leak Proof

At hannahpad, we use a special waterproof coating on the inner side of the outer pattern layer instead of the conventional separate PUL layer that most brands use. This allows air to flow through more freely while doing its job to resist water going through. The inside coating is made of high quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes), which is known for its elasticity, responsive to temperatures and ability to resist oil, solvents, chemicals and abrasions making it ideal for hannahpad’s leak proof cloth pads. It is also degradable after 3-5 years in the soil. 

Double Stitching

All hannahpads have a 100% cotton parameter that is double stitched. This allows our pads to have cleaner edges with reinforced durability. No more loosen threads! Also, all of our pads are carefully handmade one by one by professional seamstresses. That's why pad shapes and thread linings are never the same. 

40 Count Cotton Fabric

The fabric used for making hannahpads are 40 count interlock cotton weave fabric, just like any cotton underwear or t-shirt. It's not fleece, terry, nor flannel, so feels nothing different from your underwear. 


hannahpads only takes 12 months to biodegrade, which is substantially shorter than disposable pads. Our TPU coating is also degradable in 3-5 years, so just throw the snaps into the recycling bin and the rest goes into your compost bin! (Check with your municipality regarding where cotton materials are thrown away since it's different for every area.)

Storage Boxes

There are 4 different storage & packing boxes available, which are already included in your purchase with multiples or set items. These are great for your own hannahpad storage, or when giving them as gifts. 

Quality Checks

hannahpads are made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices under extremely strict quality control and process management and then approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration. Monthly quality checks are performed to follow quality standards.