Collaboration with isoi !

✦For the first time ever, we're super excited to be collaborating with isoi, a famous all natural beauty brand in South Korea.✦

Why collaborate with isoi?

Because we're the perfect match!

Our beliefs of providing all natural & organic cotton period products and their beliefs of using the best ingredients for their all natural skincare aligns so well together, don't they?

About isoi

"Don’t check just one or two ingredients, Check the entire ingredients!"

✓ Non-Chemical Ingredients - isoi only uses natural ingredients in products.

✓ High Quality Ingredients - isoi continues to study and discover to have high quality materials.

✓ Hypoallergenic Cosmetics - isoi always thinks about customers with sensitive and trouble skin.

✓ Provide Best Experience - isoi's main purpose is to have the skin's natural abilities to restore and strengthen.

EWG Verified Certifications for isoi products!


It is a certification program by EWG(Environment Working Group), the most influential non-profit environmental organization in the United States, to help consumers choose and purchase safer products by getting the right information about the ingredients.

This means a mark you can trust, and it means EWG approved.

*all the ingredient standard of the U.S. FDA, EU, Health Canada and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

isoi is one of few brands that have most of their products EWG Verified!

"Nothing to Hide Ingredients"