The Brand Hannah x The Period Purse

We are excited to share that we have officially teamed up with The Period Purse to make this world a better place! The Period Purse is a charity organization based in Toronto who strives to achieve menstrual equity by providing marginalized menstruators with access to free menstrual products, and to reduce the stigma surrounding periods through public education and advocacy.

You donations will help women in need through their Regular Donation Programs, Menstruation Nation Program and of course, the Moontime Kits for Indigenous Communities! 

They are currently running donations event for Indigenous Community Moontime Kits! You can find more information HERE

BUY 1 & GIVE 1

We are running a special promotion to help The Period Purse! It's their time to collect donations for their Moontime Kits for Indigenous Communities. If you purchase one of the [Period Purse] Buy 5 & Give 5 Medium Pads, you will receive 5 Medium pads and we will donate another 5 for free!

"The Period Purse takes seriously the issues of our responsibilities being on Indigenous territories. We have partnered with two Indigenous Communities to bring 100 Moontime Reusable Kits to young people going through their rite of passage and learning about their moontime (period)." - The Period Purse

Our goal is to donate 100 kits by March 1st!! Please help us reach our goal.