Why should I switch to reusable menstrual products?

Using reusable menstrual products like hannah⋮PAD will help you become healthier and at the same time, help the environment by reducing landfill waste. On average, a woman uses up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime; that's a lot of waste! Also, most reusable menstrual products are chemical-free and fragrance-free, decreasing the possibility of side effects like allergic reactions and hormone disruptions.

What are the environmental benefits of using cloth pads?

On average, a woman uses from 8,000 to 17,000 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime. In North America alone, over 20 billion disposable pads and tampons are discarded as waste every year, and each and every one of them will take hundreds of years to decompose. In comparison, cloth pads have an average lifespan of 2-5 years depending on usage and care, and it takes only about 6-12 months for cotton to decompose. So, with more and more women using reusable menstrual products like hannah⋮PAD, the environment gets a little bit more room to breathe. Can you imagine the difference?

About Hannahpad

What is hannah⋮PAD made of?

hannah⋮PAD is made with undyed & unbleached Certified Organic Cotton for all internal layers, including the one that touches your skin, and printed cotton with TPU waterproof coating on the inside. All of the organic cotton used in the fabrication is certified by Control Union, globally recognized inspection facility.

Why are your snaps plastic and not metal or any other material?

All of our snaps are made with recyclable plastic in order to minimize allergic reactions and any possibility of rust occurring from metal snaps. These are recyclable after the pad has finished its life! 

What are the different types of hannah⋮PADs?

Hannahpad is AIO (all in one) style cloth pads with 8 different types (or sizes) available: Thong Liner, Long Liner, Pantyliner, Small, Medium, Overnight, Ultra Overnight, and Super Ultra Overnight.

You can refer to our size chart here

How does hannah⋮PAD differ from other cloth pads?

With hannahpad, only 100% Certified Organic Cotton touches your skin. Also, the wide variety of patterns of hannahpad is a bonus. Once folded, no one will know they are actually cloth pads! The built quality is also the finest with double needle stitched edges and monthly quality inspections by a professional quality controller.

Who uses hannah⋮PAD?

Hannahpad is great for those having issues with cramps and itchiness from skin rash. They are also for someone who wants to avoid bad smell and wants more comfort while using a sanitary pad. If it makes you feel any better about our products, all of the global partners of hannahpad were using these pads before becoming the partners. After using for some time, we just had to bring hannahpad to each of our country for all other women. These are that good!

How long will hannah⋮PADs last? How do I throw them away after?

hannahpad will last for 2-3 years, depending on the personal usage and care.

All of the organic cotton material used in hannahpad are biodegradable, so you can throw them in your compost bin! (Check with your municipality) The TPU coating will start to disintegrate by the time the pad has done its lifetime and this material is degradable within 3-5 years! Much shorter than any other waterproofing materials! :) And for the snaps, just throw them in the recyling bin. 

What are the black dots on the pads?

Short Answer: They are cotton seeds.
Long Answer: As all of the inner layer of our pads are made of 100% organic cotton, it is perfectly natural to have some cotton seeds in the fabric. It also means that very minimal chemicals were used to make the organic cotton fabric. They are safe for your use.

Can teens use hannah⋮PADs?

Why not?! By using hannahpad, we believe that young women will be more confident and aware of their natural bodily phenomenon. For some reason, holding out a sanitary pad in public is something to be shy of and ashamed of. It shouldn’t! Hannahpad’s lovely patterns will help reduce that public humiliation and by going through the process of washing the pads, many young women will begin to appreciate the whole cycle.

Can I use hannah⋮PADs for incontinence or light bladder leakage?

Of course! You can choose any size of hannahpad that works with your situation.

Is hannah⋮PAD suitable during pregnancy and for postpartum use?

Absolutely! We say they are actually better than disposable pads since hannahpads are chemical-free! Becoming a mom is an exciting adventure and as much as the excitement, you tend become more aware of what you use during pregnancy and during postpartum. hannah⋮PADs are unbleached and undyed, so don’t worry about any bad stuff getting to your baby. Our Super Ultra Overnight offers maximum coverage, so it’s great for postpartum too!

Using Hannahpad

How many and what size hannah⋮PADs should I use?

For heavy days, you can use Medium during the day and Overnight or Ultra Overnight during the night. And for lighter days, you can use Small during the day and Medium during the night. Pantyliner is good for those with regular discharge. Number of pads used is about the same with disposables or sometimes less. With disposables, you usually have to change them because of the smell or skin irritation even when the pad is not full. However, there is no odour and feels just like wearing your underwear with hannah⋮PADs, so there may be times when you don’t have to change as frequently as disposables. Please keep in mind that everyone is different though. Your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point. You can visit our blog here to learn more.

How many hannah⋮PADs should I purchase?

Most customers purchase our Sets or Multiples and then make additional purchase of what they need more after trying out for 1-2 cycles. Depending on your flow level during the night, you should purchase Overnight or Ultra Overnight enough for 2 nights. Medium is used the most whether your flow is light or heavy. If you used 3 medium sized disposable pads per day, you would need about 5 Medium hannahpads to wash & use throughout your cycle. About 2~4 Small hannahpads are good to use during the first or last day of the cycle during light flow, and if you use pantyliners at other times than your cycle, about 5 of them will be enough to start with. Please keep in mind that all of the above numbers vary depending on your washing routine.

For light flow customers, we recommend purchasing the "Light Flow Set" to try out, or if this is too much, you can certainly try the "Mini Starter Set".  For our heavy flow customers, we recommend purchasing the "Heavy Flow Set" for full cycle use.

Will hannah⋮PADs leak?

No, hannahpads will not leak with proper use and care. There is a waterproof coating on the inside of the outer layer which prevents leakage by repelling water.

How do they stay in place?

They are fastened by high quality plastic snaps on the wings. You would fold the wings over the gusset of your underwear as you would with a disposable pad, and then simply fasten the snaps. We recommend you wear snug fitting underwear to help hannahpad stay close to your body. Unlike a disposable pad where the pad completely sticks to your underwear, hannahpad is like another cotton layer to your underwear. So, you may have to readjust throughout the day to your comfort fit. But don’t worry! No need to take off the whole thing and re’stick’. You only need to pull it forward or backward.

Doesn't the snap on the pads make them uncomfortable?

We haven’t yet had any customers say that the pads were uncomfortable because of the snaps.

How do I wash and care for my hannahpads?

Step 1. Rinse using COLD water.

Step 2. Lather and soak hannahpad in cold water with washing detergent for minimum six hours or overnight for the best result.

Step 3. Hand washing is preferred, but you can simply put them into a washing machine. It is recommended using EM type detergent without fabric softener. DO NOT machine dry as this will damage the waterproof outer-shell.

Step 4. Hang in the sun to dry.

Will my cramps disappear if I use hannahpad?

Hannahpad is just like wearing your everyday cotton underwear. Majority of reusable menstrual product users have noted that their cramps have become lighter or almost disappeared. Our customers worldwide have given us the same feedback as well the past few years. Because hannahpad is chemical-free and fragrance-free, it does its job while not exposing you to any more chemicals. We recommend you do get medical attention if you are suffering pain from any other medical conditions other than the normal range of menstrual pain.

Is there no odour with hannahpad?

Did you know? In healthy conditions, menstrual blood does not have any other bad odour than the normal smell of blood. Menstruation is not dirty, disgusting, or smelly. The usual bad smell that you’re thinking of comes from the chemical reaction made when blood meets with the chemicals inside a disposable pad. This is why most disposable pads are heavily scented with artificial fragrances. Hannahpads are made of 100% organic cotton. No chemicals. No reaction. No smell!

What are the benefits for my skin if I use hannahpad?

One of the most sensitive and absorbent areas in a woman’s body is the mucosal lining of the vagina. hannahpad does not contain any bleach, dioxin, or formaldehyde. Also, whereas non-organic cotton is farmed with five of the nine most harmful pesticides, hannahpad is made of 100% organic cotton. So you are truly free of toxins! And as a result, there is minimal to none allergic skin reactions or rashes.


What if I find loose thread after washing?

As all of our pads are handmade, you may find some loose thread before or after washing. Sometimes after finishing up, the thread hides inside the pad rather than staying outside (which then is cut before being stocked.) Then, this loose thread might come out before or after washing. You can simply cut out the loose thread and use the pad. However, if the loose thread causes the entire stitching  to fail, please contact us right away so we can replace your pad. If the stitching fails within 3 months of use, contact us for exchange under our warranty policy.

I just used my hannahpad for the first time and it doesn't absorb very well. What do I do?

It's best to give a good thorough wash before the first use not only for cleanliness, but also to boost up the absorbency. It could also be some soap residue left from the first wash block the absorbency. Please do a good thorough wash one more time and try again. The cotton material will naturally absorb better as it's used more and more. 

Any good tips on removing the stain?

Don’t pile up the pads too long without a good rinse beforehand! Give your used pad a good rinse under cold water while rubbing the surface right after changing to a new pad. Once the bloody water stops, you may use detergent/soap to lather and then soak. We recommend hannahpad users to soak the soapy pads in cold/mild water for at least 6 hours. It’s important to rinse the pads completely at the last stage of washing. Stain removers will be a wonderful choice if you want the exceptional whiteness.

Can bleach be used on pads for stain removal?

Never use hydrogen peroxide! Without proper concentration, it would reduce the life-span of the pads themselves and the coating inside the pads. If you'd like the most natural option as possible, you can use little bit of baking soda as a stain remover.

Why is my pad turning green?

It's usually caused by soap/detergent residue which made the blood turn green and set the stain. You need to wash the pads until the soap/detergent comes off completely.

For the greenish stain, you may use stain removers (and the sun!). And make sure to wash the pads until the fluid comes off completely. We highly recommend you to use cold/mild water when washing the pads since hot water potentially sets stains permanently.

My pad became stiff and it's uncomfortable to wear.

The cotton tends to become stiff when it’s naturally air-dried. Try a few drops of vinegar into the water when you soak the pads. Vinegar works as a natural softener and it's also good for disinfection.

If it's still stiff for you to wear, you may occasionally use the dryer on low heat. We highly recommend air-drying the pads, but dryers make the cotton feel softer than air-drying.