#1 illum Box

As some of you may know, we first introduced illum with our illum Wellness Boxes: illum Self Care Box & illum Postpartum Box. We've curated these boxes with our whole hearts, searching for other Canadian brands that accompany well together. We wanted to make reusable clothpads more approachable and "friendly" by having other great self-care products included together.

#2 New Laundry Soaps

After this, we slowly began to bring illum into the products that we truly wanted to take control of, starting off with the infamous Probiotic Soap! We brought the very original Probiotic Soap back, together with a friend, Cloth Pad Liquid Soap. These 2 soaps will be your best friend during your cloth pad journey. You can now find them for purchase below or at our Laundry section.

#3 Clean Care

Then we thought, why limit ourselves to only period related products? We want to care about everything YOU. It's a super small step, but we brought 2 must have items to begin with. The handy dandy hand sanitizer will be your go to everywhere you go. Infused with Lavender oil, your hand will smell great afterwards too! And the new Loofah soap will make your skin shine like no other, available Natural Unscented or Lavender. 

What's Next?

We know it seems all over the place right now, but it will all come together and you'll be surprised to see what we have in store for you. We promise. ;)