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We're super excited to share our newest adventure, illum Wellness Box! 

As you may know by now, self-care and wellness are something we take very seriously. Creating the illum wellness boxes was the perfect way for us to incorporate our love for self-care with our favourite product finds!⁠

So what is illum? 

We came up with a new brand called "illum" to become more personal on what we offer. We truly wanted to focus on various self-care and wellness aspects of your lives.

So, to start off slowly but surely, we came up with 2 awesome Wellness Boxes, for yourself or anyone around you that you want to send some love to. Introducing: The Ultimate Self Care Gift Box & Super Postpartum Gift Box!

We gathered up some lovely Canadian brands that compliment each other for an ultimate self-care day. 

As our first run at illum Boxes, these are super limited in quantity, so get yours before it sells out! It will be a great value, we promise ;)

[Self Care Box]
This box contains some pleasant surprises for anyone wanting a day to relax! We searched for some great Canadian Brands to fill our wellness boxes and we hope you will love them as much as we do! 

[Postpartum Box]

Giving birth isn't only about cute babies; it's about the mother too! We wanted to create something for all postpartum mothers to enjoy and gift themselves for doing such a great job. 

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