One Tree Planted
With Every Order

Giving Back

As part of our movement to save the environment, we are planting a tree for every order placed with us here at hannahpad! We are passionate about making the environment a happier place to live for everyone, including the Mother Nature. Hannahpads help you reduce 3 years worth of waste, now we're also giving back by planting a tree. Most of the disposable pads are include pulp, material derived from trees, but Hannahpads are made from organic cotton. Not one tree is cut in the making! 

close up of plant in pots

Every order counts

Each order placed will be contributing to plant one tree to a place in need. 

46-58 THOUSAND square miles of forest are lost every year. That's equivalent to 36 football fields every minute.

Let's try to offset this together!

In British Columbia

"British Columbia has established itself as a leader in forest management, implementing stringent forest policies, stewardship programs and scientific research. [...] Your support will help us plant healthy forests that can reduce the damage from beetle infestations, lessen the impact of wildfires, provide habitat for B.C.’s abundant wildlife, and preserve the province’s natural beauty for generations to come."

- One Tree Planted

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4/10 trees get chopped down and are processed into pulp for making paper products such as tissue paper, toothpaste, magazines and more...

planting - Hannahpad

With your help, we can make a difference.

planting - hannahpad
plant close look - hannahpad