Special Bundle - September

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== 1st Generation Blow Out Sale ==


Yes! It's back and it will be the last! We are letting go of ALL of our 1st Generation pads that are left, at a huge discount for this month! 

What are the differences between 1st Generation and the current ones?

1️⃣  1st Generations DO NOT have Extra Grips. 

2️⃣  There is a very slight shift in the location of the wings for larger sizes & slightly thinner shape for smaller sizes


And that's it! 

It's still the very same Certified Organic Cotton made with love & care.

This will be the absolute last chance for you to grab some hannahPADs at a great discount, so get them while you can! Some sizes are VERY LIMITED in stock and will go fast! 

While supplies last for the month of September 2020. 

*Special Bundles are available in Random Patterns Only.
May not be the pattern shown on image. 

*Special Bundles are excluded from additional discounts.



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